Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Make Each Day A Happy Day

I recently went through a traumatic experience, which I won't go into details on.  But I wanted to share with you that what is on my mind right now is, to make each day a happy day.  I decided that every day I wake up, I am going to have a goal to do things that day to be happy and to live life to the fullest.   It can be something simple. A book, movies, hang with friends, family, anything.  I want to share a poem that I literally just wrote with you.

Make Each Day A Happy Day

I recently been through an experience
That one could not imagine
It was very cold
And it was very traumatic

I felt real down, I felt locked in
It seemed as if my world would end
And then something came in my spirit
And said wake up, it’s time to start living

I learned a lesson from what I went through
And that is to make each moment count in all that you do
I learned to take a step, one day at a time
And to have faith that the sun of joy will shine

I will wake up each day with a goal to be happy
I will be active and work toward this satisfaction
I will focus on being the best that I can be
And then this goal will become reality

©Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan

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