Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Sweet Aroma

How sweet is that aroma
The smell of roses, one of a kind
Never leaving my mind
When I think of you.

You are so beautiful
Inside and out
Your eyes are so pure
Explaining true love that’s within.

When your presence meets mine
Paradise begins
I then begin to hope
That paradise never ends.

Pondering on the meaning
I wonder what we will be
For surely time holds the key
To the future of destiny.

What becomes of the future
Surely means nothing to me
For I will always feel complete
From this heavenly memory

How sweet is that aroma
The feel of closeness so entwined
Forever it will climb
Into my senses and my view

We are so suitable
There is no doubt
You are my soul mate
I don’t want to live without

When I see you
My heart skips a beat
When we hold each other
I want time to freeze

No other person in the world
Makes me feel the way you do
I only have three words
That is, I love you.

© Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan

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