Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

You are more than just my mother.  You're my friend.

You've always been there, even when I anger you to no end.

I've tested your patience and sometimes I'm not always the best son.

But your forgiveness is unlimited, you embrace me with a hug.

I admire your strength and all the things that you do.

You're so fair, honest and kind.  I can count on you for some truth.

I realize all the things that you went through for me.

When I was kid, these were things that I couldn't see.

I have so much respect for you now that I understand.

The things that you went through to keep a roof over our head.

So Happy Birthday Mom, I honor you this day.

I love you and that's all I want to say.....

© Copyright 2014 by Steve Ryan

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