Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Must Move On

This is a poem from the book ''Love Poems: Are You The One?''

I Must Move On

The words you speak
It means nothing to me
Because they’re just words
There’s no action

I’m at a point that I want us to end
I love you so much and it will heartbreaking
I can’t continue living through this pain
I don’t want my love to turn into hate

You’ve disrespected me for way too long
I let it got out of hand
I was too busy working every single day
I worked hard while you only played

You've become a burden
Even a blind man can see
You feel entitled
What makes you think you should be?

Love doesn't entitle you to treat me any kind of way
You've taken advantage of me being easy going
I don’t like confrontation, I rather us speak what we have to say
All the yelling that you’re doing, is not my kind of game

I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to be here
I avoid coming home because I know an argument is near
I hate splitting up and I don’t want this to end
But unfortunately I have to listen to my spirit

I know this is going to hurt both you and me
My heart will ache for an eternity
But I have to stop this cycle of what we’re going through
My love, we must end, it’s time for me to make that move

© Copyright 2014 by Steve Ryan 
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