Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Can't Believe The Chaos

This is a poem from the book ''Christmas Poetry for Everyone''

 I Can’t Believe the Chaos

The madness erupts. What’s going on?
There’s so much chaos. What’s so wrong?
I was standing in line at the front of the store.
Everyone was losing patience.
They were saying, ‘’hurry, open the door.’’
The doors opened, the marathon race begins.
People rushed in with the desire to win.

Their carts were filled with electronics.
This was the result of economics.
The ads made these products high in demand.
Even a person without logic would understand.
The holiday sale brought the mass numbers out.
They’re ready to buy and won’t leave without.
People will respond to the authority in command.
The authority is their urges that come from within.

All of the shoppers were ready to fight.
As soon as they saw only one toy left in sight.
I couldn't believe I saw a mom get into a fight.
Just moments before, she was talking so nice.
Someone stepped in front of where she stands.
She responded by slapping him with her hand.
This was the chaos of the after Thanksgiving sale.
This was the day, that peace and harmony failed.

© Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan 
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