Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day, Please Don't End

This is a poem from the book ''Christmas Poetry for Everyone''

Christmas Day, Please Don’t End

I woke up feeling an urge to cheer.
I’m happy the holiday season is here.
I look forward to time with family and friends. 
Please Christmas day, please don’t end.
This is the time that we all get surprised.

As we wonder what gifts are wrapped up inside.
What’s in the presents that are under the tree?
Will it be enough to make us all happy?
I’m imagining holding a gift, right in my hand.

I’m pulling apart the ribbons, strand by strand.
My eyes open wide, as I take a peek.
This was the perfect gift for me.
My gift was a shirt that was one of a kind.

The way it felt was amazing, it blew my mind.
When I put on the shirt, it fit me so well.
It looked so expensive, even in a holiday sale.
The rest of the gifts were good too.

We had everything imagined, including shoes.
Everyone had gifts and they had big smiles.
We wished for this day to last for a while.

© Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan 
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