Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Self-control can be a long journey
Sometimes going one way, sometimes going another
When the energy becomes so strong
Sustaining on the road can be long

The path to self-control is continuous
The never ending phase creates experience
For when you’ve mastered one level and your rest is on the way
Another wave of obstacles interrupts your day

Then you realize you have more learning to do
You can’t fool self-control even if you tried too
For right when you think it no longer holds you
You will find that thinking is not so true

I would be safe to speak a doctrine full of instructions
On how to maintain and keep from self-destructing
The first lesson of lessons would be
For you to focus on you and I on me

For when we focus on edifying ourselves
We will truly be on that road to excel
Then I would say what is next is to learn some wisdom
For he who is wise will pay real close attention

And the wise will listen and apply what they’ve learned
But the fool will treat the knowledge as if it’s absurd
So why reject the things that will quench your thirst
With the right kind of power, your fate will be reversed

For the faith unbound is one that can’t be tamed
Starting from within is how you will be changed
This is truly a blessing and a real new beginning
There will be no regressing, there will be no ending

So the rest of the lessons will be learned through fate
For sometimes our experience is the only true way
So I wish you much success as your battle unfolds
On your destiny and your journey to conquer self-control

© Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan

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