Thursday, February 11, 2016

Imagining Love

Imagining Love

I try to imagine real love
What is it like? How will it come?
Will I feel butterflies?
Or is that a myth and a lie?

What if love sneaks up on me?
Before I know it, I’ll have a family
Will it catch me by total surprise?
Am I ready to be satisfied?

What if love comes in a different way?
If it comes overnight, what will I say?
I’m imagining this day in my dreams
Until I see it, finding real love is a mystery

I don’t know how this will happen
I’ll try each day to take some action
If I focus on making me a better me
Then attracting true love will be a reality

Until that happens I have imagination
I can picture true love through many stages
I can see us spending time on the beach
We’ll hold hands until the sun retreats

I’ll hold you in my arms as the moonlight shine down
I’ll be your heat when the cool breeze comes around
We’ll be happy as we’re having all this fun
We’ll fall asleep together until the morning sun

This is how I imagine a day with my true love
Come to me now; embrace me with your hug
I know that this time is coming near

Maybe true love will happen this year

By Steve Ryan
From his Book ''Love Poems Are You The One''.
Book available on Amazon 
Audiobook available on Audible

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