Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm Sorry For The Mixed Signals

I’m Sorry for the Mixed Signals

We met each other recently
It was a nice meet
What am I supposed to feel?
How do I know if this is true love?

We bonded so nice
You were very attractive
I can’t find anything wrong
Is this too good to be true?

I could see myself falling in love with you
But I’m an idiot, I backed off from you
I went cold and I went silent
I let fear take over and didn’t know what to do

I know you’re probably wondering what went wrong
You didn’t do anything to deserve this sad song
Maybe I was too caught up in my own dream
You were finally here and all I did was freeze

I had this idea of what my true love would be
You were very close to that reality
To be honest, it scared me
I’m in so much shock, I just can’t believe

What should I do?
What should I say?
I can’t expect you to understand
Or to give me a break

I’m sorry for the mixed signals
I was wrong
I didn’t mean to hurt you

 I’m just used to being alone

© Copyright 2013 By Steve Ryan
From the Book ''Love Poems Are You The One''.
Book available on Amazon 
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