Friday, October 28, 2016

I Miss You

I Miss You

I miss those times
When we used to be together
I wish those times
Could have lasted forever

You kissed my mind
And filled my heart with laughter
You showed no sign
That our love would have left us

I miss the times that we spent
I wish those times would come again
I can’t seem to get you out of my mind
Cause a love like you is so hard to find

I loved to see you smile
And I love the smell of your scent
You make me melt a thousand times
When I’m in your presence

You had my heart
In the palm of your hand
You’ve left your mark
Inside of my head

When I was with you
My gray sky turned blue
Now I’m missing you so bad

Can we start again and make us last?

© Copyright 2013 By Steve Ryan
From the Book ''Love Poems Are You The One''.
EBook & Paperback available on Amazon 
Audiobook available on Audible

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