Friday, February 17, 2017

Come Over Here and Talk to Me

Come Over Here and Talk to Me

Come over here and talk to me
I can tell what you’re thinking
Don’t let the anger continue to be
I don’t want our relationship sinking
You are playing hard to get
Why can’t you let it go?
I don’t like arguing
When will our love reappear and show?

So come over here and talk with me
Let me hold your hand
I don’t know even know what you’re mad about
I want to understand
We were fine just a moment ago
And then your demeanor changed
Now the frown on your face shows
And you’re rolling your eyes this way

Please come over here and talk to me
I want to fix what is wrong
Do we have a real problem?
Or is this your way to get attention all along?
I think that’s what this is
You love to make up
Now I’m starting to solve this
You’re just making a fake fuss

You finally decided to talk to me
And you told me what was wrong
You were upset over the smallest thing
And you just wanted a hug
I think that you find this fun
You like to stir a little drama between us
Does this make you feel loved?

Don’t worry, we’re solid and we have a lot of trust

© Copyright 2013 By Steve Ryan
From the Book ''Love Poems Are You The One''.
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