Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What Are You Thinking?

What Are You Thinking?

What do you think about me?
Do you enjoy our company?
I want to know what you’re thinking
What are your plans and your intentions?

Can you see us lasting for the long term?
Or am I just an in the moment crush?
I need a sign and need some validation
I need to know that my time isn’t wasting

I do enjoy the moment
I enjoy what we have
But sometimes we’re in limbo
And confusion deals its hand

I don’t want to do anything
That will drive you away
But I need some confirmation
Or I’ll be the one to not stay

I’ve been through a lot of hurt
I have to protect myself
I won’t be treated like dirt

So step up and give me what I deserve

© Copyright 2013 By Steve Ryan
From the Book ''Love Poems Are You The One''.
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