Saturday, February 2, 2019

My Heart Bleeds

My Heart Bleeds

My heart bleeds
You know the reason why
You suddenly changed on me
And now my emotions make me cry
I was always there for you
There was only one thing that I ask
I wanted you to stay true
You couldn’t do that, so we couldn’t last

We traveled the world together
Anything we wanted was in our hands
We even talked of marriage
Now you’ve changed our circumstance
I can get over you in time
That won’t be an my issue
It’s the deception that is bothering me
All those times I kissed you

Were you pretending the whole time?
I thought what we had was real
I know I will bring in a better kind
Your actions broke our deal
We promised to always be there for each other
We vowed this while holding hands
I didn’t do anything to deserve this
And now I’ve ended this romance

I will condition my heart
So that I can move on
In time I’ll have the energy for a new start
It won’t be with you, I want you gone
You can go anywhere you want
You just can’t stay here
I’m not going to be weak in front of you

You will never see me shed a tear