Saturday, July 13, 2013

Take Your Power Back

Take your power back
Don’t let any human being make you think that you are worth any less
People will always be people
Some are nice and giving, others are takers and selfish

I have gone through a period of recognizing who’s important
And the time has come to realign who’s in my life
And if you ever felt this way, don’t be afraid
To move on with your life, even if that means shedding some people

Everyone’s not meant to be in each other’s lives
Some people are there for a reason and a season
And it’s amazing how the true loyal friends stand out over time

I’ve learned to be loyal to those who earn my trust and loyalty
Trust is a privilege and should not be automatically given

So much wisdom has hit my eyes about how to navigate through life
And I am grateful to have this mindset that releases me from my self-inflicted suffering
And I have taken my own advice

I have taken back the power of my life and my mind

© Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan

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