Tuesday, July 29, 2014

When We First Met

This is a poem from the book, ''Love Poems: Are You The One?  

16. When We First Met

When we first met
It was like magic
We fit so well together
We had a natural attraction

When I looked into your eyes
You reached out for my hand
That first kiss was a surprise
It ignited a new romance

When we first held each other
I didn’t want to let go
That moment was real and special
It wasn’t just a show

Anytime that we’re together
We make each other smile
That stays in my mind forever
I get excited like a child

When I hear your voice
I start to melt inside
It’s so smooth and sweet
It keeps me mesmerized

When I kiss your sexy lips
Mmmm is all I can say
We had this natural connection
Ever since that first day

© Copyright 2014 by Steve Ryan 
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