Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Diet

This is a poem from the book ''Christmas Poetry for Everyone''

Thanksgiving Diet

Is it unrealistic?
How can I diet on Thanksgiving?
Or is the timing a bad one?
There’s much temptation under the sun.

How can I sit here and not eat?
When there’s enough food for a feast.
I ignore the turkey and dressing.
Is it worth a dietary confession?

My arms are folded at the table.
I’m surrounded by family and friends.
They are tearing into the food.
It’s so good, their faces have big grins.

How can I keep my diet?
Is there a way to enjoy this feast?
Maybe I can eat a small portion.
Or should I simply just not eat.

All of this confusion is taking hold of me.
My family thinks that’s I’m crazy.
How can I diet on Thanksgiving?

© Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan 
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