Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Moment with My Grandmother

This is a poem from the book ''Christmas Poetry for Everyone''

My Moment with My Grandmother

What was your favorite Christmas Moment?
Was it filled joy and laughter?
My moment was when grandmother was around.
She would fuss and say that I acted like a clown.
She made jokes toward me in a loving way.
She kept me entertained all day.
She made a day seem like a week.
The food that she cooked was delicious to eat.

She walked around with her purse in hand.
She acted like she was the diva over all the land.
Her hair went past her shoulder from her head.
She had fashion, she knew how to dress.
Her clothes were always clean and neatly pressed.
Every day was Christmas when she was around.
There’s was only laughter and smiles.
Who’s the funniest person that you know?

As for me, it’s my granny for sure.

© Copyright 2013 by Steve Ryan 
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